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We are dedicated therapists in Irving, Texas.

Texas therapists specializing in anxiety, trauma, life transitions,
disordered eating, and sports/performance therapy.

Don't feel consumed anymore.

Do you feel worried or overwhelmed? Do you feel consumed by racing thoughts? Are you going through major life changes, and need help processing it? Do you struggle with overcoming past hurt or find difficulty overcoming past or present traumas and experiences? Do you question your relationship with food and your eating habits? Or perhaps you’re an executive, athlete, or performer looking to compete and perform at an optimum level. 

Thrive House Therapy is the place for you. We are a team of counselors and therapists, each experts in our unique fields and specialties, purposely compiled to serve our clients and community.

Our Message

We are here

Thrive House Therapy is composed of a talented team of counselors and therapists, each having their own unique specialties, all of which allows our clients to explore the complexities of life. We approach therapy without proscribed agendas, because we understand that our clients needs and journey’s are different. It is not a case where “one size fits all.” We tailor your care in a way that is befitting and specifically for you. Our job is to walk alongside you, to support and build you up, to provide education, resources and coping skills and to help you establish and achieve your goals. Wherever you are, and whatever season of life you’re in, we’re here to ensure you thrive.


Therapy for

Racing thoughts, constant worry and feeling overwhelmed has no place in your life. Together, we will help you feel calm, safe, and confident.

Therapy for

Painful experiences do not have a respect for person. Perhaps there is a hurt that keeps you tethered and bound in your thoughts, but you deserve freedom.

Therapy for Sports and Performance

Separating what you do from who you are truly provides the safe space for you to express your thoughts and feelings, ultimately allowing you to perform at an optimum.

Life Transitions and Self Exploration

Life is full of changes and transitions. Sometimes, it can feel that everything happens so quickly. We can help you process it.

Therapy for Couples and Families

Couples, family, or group therapy for all ages encountering difficulties.

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Contact us today for a free 20-minute consultation.

There is nothing more important than feeling connected to the therapist you choose and that we’re the best fit for you and your needs. Allow us to answer any questions you have, and when you’re ready to move forward, we can book an appointment.


Join us weekly or biweekly.

Set appointments with us to explore the root of the problems you’re experiencing. We’ll support you in establishing goals and help you acquire the tools necessary to get there.


You were made to Thrive!

Discover life beyond the confines of pain, hurt, anxiousness, trauma or worry. It’s time for you to truly Thrive. Your past or present struggles do not define you. You don’t have to continue to live a life where you’re only surviving.