Executive and
corporate therapy

Specialty Therapy

Executive and professional leadership therapy provides assistance with facing workplace related and personal stress. We help to deconstruct the overwhelming aspects of owning a business or leading a corporate department/team.

It is hard to avoid stress and it is better to confront matters sooner than later. Let us help lighten the burden of daily struggles and help achieve a healthy and positive mindset.

Confidentiality is paramount.

Services provided to executive and senior level clients who desire high level discretion. Appointment are provided on a flexible schedule through various means.

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Covid-19 Strategies

New adjustments were made in 2020 and coping with new regiments isn’t always easy. We’re here to help talk through the positive changes and strategize to overcome the negative effects.

Balance Daily Pressures

Stress Control

If we can help lift the mentality and outlook for daily routines, we can work together to change each individual situation on a larger scale.

Work/Life Balance

Work can often get the best of us, limiting our time and energy. We will help coordinate a plan to help adjust efforts correctly between work and personal lives. 

“Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.”
Hans Selye
Founder of the Stress Theory

Who We Can Assist

We offer extensive sessions for those dealing with stresses of the office.

Business Owners

Director Level

C-Level Executives

Managerial Level