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Therapy for Trauma

“You don’t have to live a life bound by trauma. It’s time to be free. It’s time to be healed from trauma.”

Up to 70% of adults will experience a traumatic event in their lives. 20% of those adults will go on to develop a trauma-related response or mental health disorder from these adverse events.

Trauma lives in all of us. Trauma is anything that overwhelms our perceived ability to cope. Trauma is the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event, past or present, that causes feelings of hopelessness, diminishes sense of self and our ability to feel and experience a full range of emotions. Trauma comes in many forms; there is the trauma of our lived experiences; childhood, abuse, neglect, violence, accidents, illness and grief. There is the trauma of our ancestors, passed on to us through relationships and DNA. There is the trauma of living in an oppressive society. This trauma can live in our minds, bodies, memories and beliefs about ourselves and the result can be devastating.

You may be feeling overwhelmed and anxious or numb and exhausted. You may be experiencing racing thoughts, sleeplessness, flashbacks or nightmares. Maybe you are struggling with guilt and shame, a loss of trust in yourself or the world, difficult relationships, or feeling like you don’t even know who you are any more. Whatever it is that you’re experiencing, know that this season in your life will not last forever, and we’re here to help you come out on the other side of it.

Our Approach

Trauma therapy is a form of talk therapy that includes: Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

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Therapy for Anxiety

“Above all, you deserve the security in knowing you’re okay, not just wondering if you’re going to be. We can help you.”

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year.

Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure. There is a such thing has normal or healthy anxiety. This tends look like someone who is nervous about a test, job interview, or an event that could be potentially harmful or worrying. Anxiety becomes “abnormal” when we usually have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns.

You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed with thoughts that won’t stop, unable to rest or concentrate, or even being on edge. You’ve constantly found yourself worrying about things without being able to stop or feel that things are out of your control. Maybe you’ve found that there are moments when you can’t catch your breath, the room starts to spin or your heart feels as if it’s going to beat out of your chest. Perhaps it’s hard to make decisions because those what-if’s are so loud and that internal chatter is so busy putting you down. We all experience anxiety in different ways. Whatever it is you’re experiencing, you’ve begun to notice the impact of anxiety in every area of your life: school, work, and relationships. You’re tired of living your life in the shadow of worry and fear… and you’re wondering what to do.

Our Approach

Because anxiety affects each of us differently, the way we develop a plan of care is no “one size fits all” approach. The first and most important thing we can do for our clients is ensure we’re creating a safe and comfortable space where our clients feel a sense of comfort as soon as they come through our doors. Then the work begins.

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Therapy for Sports and Performance

“We’re on your team. We’re rooting for you and support you every step of the way! It’s time for you to Thrive mentally as well.”

Growing up, many are taught that the qualities of a good performer or athlete are passion, toughness, determination, grit, and strength. You’ve spent many years perfecting a craft, going along with the voice of you have to work ten times harder and be better than the best in order to be successful. You’ve pushed through so many difficulties, and you’re finally living out your dreams. Only now the question is, “Why aren’t I happy?”

Living the “dream” may not be all we are led to believe it is. You may be experiencing tiredness or feeling withdrawn, overwhelmed with the pressures of life, isolation and loneliness or difficulty adjusting to your new normal. Or maybe you’re struggling with focus or self-doubt, feeling like you have to be perfect, depression or low self-esteem. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your hard work and dreams because of your mental health. You deserve to be seen and heard- not just as a performer or athlete, but also as a person who wants to be met exactly where they are. Our team is here to support and walk with you. You’ve got the physicality part down packed. Let’s help you ensure that you’re mentally strong as well.

Our Approach

Our first and most important job is that we respect each of our client’s confidentiality and work hard to ensure it is a safe and comfortable space for them when they meet with us.

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Therapy for Couples and Families

Thriving is more than an individual task. It’s something that should transcend into our most valued relationships.

Couples and Family Therapy focuses on the set of relationships a person has developed, whether it’s family of origin or family of choice. Couples and family relationships can be complex and range from all sort of dynamics. We work within the context of how relationships work in systems to address a variety of mental, emotional, and relational issues. More than anything else, couples and family therapy focuses on deep, long tern change that affect the whole system. It’s more than just addressing an individual, but also exploring how each one is impacted within the system. They help improve communication skills, increase mutual respect, and help kids develop into healthy adults.

Though Couples and Family Therapy may sound like a broad term, our therapists are able to tailor your sessions specifically to your needs. We offer therapy for blended families as well as families of origin. Many have experienced brokenness in families. Whether it be from childhood traumas, feeling distant or growing apart, unresolved issues with parents or siblings, or working through family dysfunction. There is hope and there can be healing for you and your family. If you’ve ever seen families on TV and asked, “Why can’t my family be happy like them?” It’s time to take a step back and truly discover what has happened within your family system and how to fix it. Maybe you’re a couple, married or not, in search of healing in your relationship. Couples experience an array of difficulties including: communication, building trust, infidelity, issues with sex, etc. We provide a safe, objective space to explore your relationship and find resolve to the areas that are broken. We also offer services to couples that want to prepare themselves for their future by embarking in premarital counseling. Perhaps you’ve been dating and want to best prepare yourselves for the next step in your relationship. Premarital counseling is for you! Through assessment and tailored curriculum, couples are provided a structured way to explore and uncover the most important things to know and discuss before getting married. Whatever season you and the ones you love are in, know that together, we can have the hard conversations and truly work together so you are all thriving.

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Therapy for Life Transitions and Self-Exploration

“Life will constantly dish us storms and strong winds that can make our lives feel uprooted and out of place. Let us help you get to a place where no matter how the wind blows, you know that you’re rooted and firmly planted in solid ground.”

Change is a natural part of life that each of us will constantly find ourselves navigating. If we were to write some of the changes we’ve experienced over the span of our lifetimes, many of us would find that it would be rather easy and quick list to compose. Whether that change is positive or negative, the transition can leave you feeling like your life has turned completely upside down. You’re not alone.

How we each experience life transitions can vary based on many factors. What may seem big to some may be small to others. These transitions can be planned or unexpected, but still have an emotional charge that often leads to feeling out of place or lost with what the next move should be. Often times during a change in season, it leaves the individual through a change as well. As your life transitions, sometimes its best to take a step back and explore just how these changes affect you. For example, when losing a job, feelings of self-doubt, hopelessness, questioning identity, etc. can all come up. During these times, some of the stages we may go through are emotional discomfort, mourning, fear, feeling overwhelmed, anxious or even depressed. 

Some Examples of Life Transitions Include:

We Help Clients To: