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OUr Approach
Thriving is more than an individual task.

You deserve the security in knowing you’re okay, not just wondering if you’re going to be. We can help you.

The first and most important thing that we value and honor is a healthy, therapeutic relationship- for it alone can bring healing and peace.

We believe that we must first be our true, authentic selves in order to require the same from our clients. There is enough improvisation going on in the world. Let’s protect the therapy space from it.

This is a safe space. It’s okay to be you. We will leave our facades at the door and challenge our clients to do the same.

We meet our clients exactly where they are. There is no need to have it all together, come exactly as you are. We care for you already.

We see with eyes of hope. No matter what you’re faced with, our stance is there is always hope and purpose for your life.

Gone are the days where you simply survive. We commit to challenging this mindset. You were absolutely made to thrive, and we’re here to make sure you do just that.

Therapy Rates

Individual Intake Sessions


Individual Follow Up Sessions


Couple/Family Intake Sessions


Couple/Family Follow Up Sessions



Blue Cross Blue Shield is accepted. 

Out of network insurance:

You may file claims with your insurance company for out-of-network benefits and you may be reimbursed directly based on your insurance plan. A receipt with the information necessary for filing a claim can be provided upon request.

insurance Basics:


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*Cancellation policy:

Please give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment for any reason. A $75 fee will be charged for a late cancellation less than 24 hours. A $140 fee will be charged for a no-show (full session fee). You are responsible for calling to cancel or reschedule your appointment in a timely manner during normal business hours.